Jobsite safety is our top priority at Enterprise Roofing Contractors. Because of the extremely dangerous conditions commercial roofing poses, we take an aggressive approach to safety of our employees, our customers and the community. We strive to set the standards in jobsite safety.

We start our safety protocol by supplying and requiring all of our employees to wear appropriate personal protective equipment and all employees are trained in the use of company tools and equipment. Safety manuals are updated and required to be in each vehicle for quick reference and review so that all materials and situations that the employees may come in contact with are addressed.

In addition to our monthly safety meetings and testing, each employee is required to take a one-hour comprehensive exam on safety issues as well as a test on general roofing knowledge to ensure that their understanding of work place safety and proper low-slope roofing practices and conditions are well understood. It is important to Enterprise Roofing Contractors that our employees completely understand the importance of safety and are fully aware of the standards that our company expects when it comes to roofing knowledge and safety.

Monthly safety meetings are required and facilitated by a contracted safety consultant who covers OSHA topics as well as worksite safety, fall protection, torch safety and other related topics. Our safety consultant randomly visits our jobsites to confirm proper safety measures are in place and to give additional on-site instruction.

Our employees are required to take First Aid and CPR Training annually and have completed Occupational Safety and Health Administrationís voluntary 10-Hour Safety Course.

Enterprise Roofing Contractors' experience and dedication to commercial roofing safety and education provides our roofing professionals with the materials and knowledge that they need to keep safety at the top of the list.